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To Plant or Not to Plant

Friends, I have always been a lover of plants. When I found out about  The Sill  I was so excited and eager to learn more about this company. For valentines Day I received the most gorgeous Hoya heart plant. First thing I noticed was their impeccable packaging for their plants. Its cold here in NJ in the month of Feb, below freezing. They overnight-ed my little beauty and to my surprise it arrived the next day. Eagerly opened the package to find it wrapped with hand warmers and bubble wrap to keep it safe and warm. I opened it immediately and it was perfect. The plant itself looked amazing, healthy and the perfect size to add a little greenery to my space. If you haven't been looking to add any to your space I urge you too. I haven't always had the greenest thumb. But I wanted to share with my followers that nearly one month in and my little guy is thriving. What I love about their website is it gives you details on what your plant will need before you purchase. They are very

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